Why Financial Freedom is More Than Just Numbers

I’m Vinay Kumar Singh, and I come to you with over 8 years of experience in the life insurance sector.

life insurance might be my day job, but my true goal is with clear, simple finance writing. You see, back in grad school during MBA in 2005, something clicked. Finance wasn’t just numbers and jargon – it was stories about choices, goals, and building a life you love. Fast forward eight years and countless articles, and Poltenbell was born.

Founder of Poltenbell Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh
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Our Mission

This new website is my mission to define money for everyone for free. Whether you’re a experienced “money maestro” or young adult that just starting finance, Poltenbell’s got your back. Think of it as your friendly finance guide, always ready with tips, tricks, and a healthy dose of “you got this!” 

Why Choose Us

So, why should you trust me? Well, besides surviving eight years of spreadsheets (don’t ask!), I’ve also learned many things from making my own financial mistakes (we all have them!). Plus, seventeen years of writing and research have given me a knack for translating financial mumbo jumbo into interesting and hooked English.

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