Finance Journey: 7 Shocking Tricks They Don’t Tell You

an experienced person helping a normal person by giving secret tricks for this finance journey

You’re scrolling through endless “get rich quick” schemes online, feeling overwhelmed in your finance journey by confusing financial jargon and conflicting advice.

A person scrolling through endless "get rich quick" schemes online, feeling overwhelmed in your finance journey by confusing financial jargon and conflicting advice.
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Your bank account stares back mockingly, reflecting late-night pizza deliveries and that impulse purchase you still regret. The future seems like a blurry landscape of student loans, mortgages, and a nagging fear of never quite having enough.

But what if we told you there were secret ingredients to financial success that nobody’s actually sharing? Shocking, right? Well, it’s true. There are game-changing tricks the financial industry whispers about in hushed tones, tricks that could catapult you towards your financial goals and leave you wondering why nobody mentioned them before.

This isn’t some magical money tree, folks. This is about smart strategies, mind-blowing hacks, and a revolutionary shift in your mindset towards money. Forget the boring budgeting spreadsheets and guilt trips about lattes. We’re talking about unlocking your financial superpower and taking control of your future with wit, cunning, and a whole lot of knowledge.

Over the next few thousand words (yes, we’re diving deep here!), we’ll crack open the vault and reveal these 7 shocking secrets the financial gurus conveniently forgot to mention. We’re talking micro-savings superpowers, time-bending investments, and the art of saying “no” to debt like a boss. We’ll even show you how to turn yourself into a money-magnet by investing in the most valuable asset of all – you!

Secret 1: Unlocked – The Micro-Savings Revolution!

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Forget fancy investment strategies and mind-bending spreadsheets. The key to building that wealth mountain might be hiding in plain sight – your morning latte, that spare change in your pocket, the leftover slice of pizza you totally didn’t crave (we’ve all been there). It’s time to unleash the superpower of micro-savings!

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t scoff at finding a crisp $20 bill on the sidewalk, right? Well, imagine finding those 20s every single day (minus the sidewalk dust, thankfully). Micro-savings are about capturing those tiny financial wins and turning them into big-time results. It’s the snowball effect on caffeine, friends!

Step 1: Embrace the Penny Pinch

Here’s where your inner detective skills come in. Scout out those everyday spending habits that whisper “micro-savings potential.” Maybe it’s skipping that extra avocado toast (gasp!), opting for packed lunches, or swapping fancy lattes for homemade brews. Every little cent saved adds up faster than you think. Pro tip: round-up apps are your new best friends.

Step 2: Automation is Your Ally:

That time you promised to work out every day, but somehow got sidetracked by Netflix marathons? Yeah, willpower can be fickle. That’s why smart micro-savers automate the process. Set up automatic transfers from your checking account to a dedicated savings pocket – watch it grow without lifting a finger (except maybe to high-five yourself).

Step 3: Think Big, Start Small:

Don’t let the “micro” fool you. These tiny saving ninjas can pack a serious punch. Say you save just $5 a day – that’s over $1,800 by year’s end! Imagine using that windfall for a dream vacation, finally ditching that credit card debt, or giving your emergency fund a superhero boost. Now that’s some serious motivation, right?

Step 4: Celebrate the Wins:

Remember, financial journeys are marathons, not sprints. So applaud your micro-saving victories, no matter how small. Did you skip the daily frappuccino temptation? High five! Saved enough for that new book you’ve been eyeing? Treat yourself (within reason, of course). Celebrating keeps the motivation fire burning, making your financial goals feel less like chores and more like exciting adventures.

The Power of Micro-Savings isn’t just about pinching pennies, it’s about shifting your mindset. It’s about realizing that every small step, every conscious choice, adds up to something bigger. So go forth, my fellow financial alchemists, and turn those coffee coins into gold!

Secret 2: Automation – Your New Financial BFF

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamt of managing your finance journey going smoothly while sipping margaritas on a beach (don’t worry, I’m raising mine too!). Okay, maybe that’s a tad ambitious, but wouldn’t it be amazing to get rid of the spreadsheet stress and let technology handle the heavy lifting? Well, welcome to the world of financial automation – your new best friend in your finance journey!

Think of it like training your personal finance robot. You set the rules, it does the work, and suddenly your bank account starts looking like a well-oiled machine. No more late bill fees, forgotten transfers, or that sinking feeling of realizing you spent your rent budget on, shall we say, “impulse purchases.”

Step 1: Automate the Bills:

First things first, let’s banish the stress of missed payments. Set up automatic bill payments for essentials like rent, utilities, and internet. Boom! Instant peace of mind, and your credit score thanks you. Just remember to ensure enough funds are in your account before the due date. Nobody likes a bounced check robot, after all.

Step 2: Invest on Autopilot:

Investing can feel like navigating a financial jungle, but guess what? Automation can guide you through the vines. Robo-advisors and micro-investing apps allow you to invest small amounts regularly, automatically building your portfolio based on your risk tolerance and goals. Sit back, relax, and watch your future self say “thank you” for this smart move.

Step 3: Savings on Crave:

Remember that time you swore you’d save for that dream vacation, but somehow “emergency pizza funds” kept popping up? Automation to the rescue! Set up automatic transfers from your checking account to a dedicated savings goal. Every paycheck, a little slice of that vacation fund gets transferred, no willpower required. It’s like magic, minus the spells (thank goodness).

Step 4: Track Like a Pro:

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to your finance journey, knowing where your money goes is key. Budgeting apps let you categorize your spending, track your progress, and get notified if you’re veering off course. It’s like having a financial GPS whispering money-saving tips in your ear.

Secret 3: Unleash Your Inner Debt-Slayer: Embrace the Power of “No”

Remember that nagging feeling after swiping your credit card, the one that whispers “buyer’s remorse” louder than your favorite guilty pleasure playlist? Yeah, that’s your financial intuition begging you to embrace the power of “no” to debt. It’s the ultimate Jedi mind trick in your finance journey, and mastering it could be the difference between financial struggle and serene freedom.

Here’s the deal: debt isn’t just a number, it’s a chain. And while the shiny allure of instant gratification might tempt you to wear those chains like fashion accessories, trust me, the long-term look involves ditching them for good.

Step 1: Debunk the Debt Myths:

Society loves romanticizing debt as a necessary evil, the key to owning nice things. But let’s get real: high-interest rates are financial vampires, sucking the life out of your future goals. Every latte bought on credit is taking a bite out of your dream vacation, down payment, or retirement fund. Reclaim your financial narrative, debunk the myths, and see debt for what it truly is – a money monster you need to slay.

Step 2: Assess Your Debt Landscape:

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your debts. List out all your loans, credit cards, and their interest rates. Face the numbers without sugarcoating, because awareness is the first step to freedom. You wouldn’t jump into a dark forest without a map, right? So why tackle your financial jungle without a clear picture of the debt vines you need to climb over.

Step 3: Craft Your “No” Arsenal:

Now, the fun part – building your “no” arsenal! Practice saying “no” to impulse purchases, rethink every credit card swipe with laser focus on your long-term goals. Remind yourself that saying “no” isn’t deprivation, it’s empowerment. It’s choosing financial journey over fleeting dopamine surges.

Step 4: Explore Alternative Avenues:

Think outside the debt box! Before turning to a loan, brainstorm creative ways to reach your goals. Could you save up instead? Barter some skills for the item you crave? Maybe there’s a cheaper, equally awesome alternative waiting to be discovered. Remember, resourcefulness is your secret weapon in this finance journey.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Victories:

Saying “no” to debt can be tough, so celebrate every victory! Did you resist that fancy gadget you didn’t truly need? Treat yourself to a guilt-free coffee. Paid off a credit card debt? Time for a mini-vacation (not on credit, of course!). Rewarding your progress fuels your motivation and reminds you that financial freedom is worth every “no.”

Secret 4: Money Makeover! Rethink Your Relationship with Cash

Let’s talk about the elephant in the bank account: our relationship with money. Most of us have a complicated one, right? We crave it, chase it, obsess over it, yet often feel a weird kind of guilt or judgment just for having it. But news flash: your financial success hinges on rewiring this very relationship. It’s like giving your money a makeover, transforming it from a stressor to a powerful tool on your finance journey.

Step 1: Ditch the Money Shame:

Society loves shoving the “scarcity script” down our throats – you’re not enough unless you have enough. But here’s the truth: financial abundance is possible for everyone, and feeling good about having money is not a sin. Ditch the guilt, silence the inner critic, and embrace the idea that financial success is a positive force in your life.

Step 2: Know Your Money Values:

We all have values that drive our decisions, and guess what? Your money choices should reflect them too! Ask yourself: what does financial security mean to you? Freedom to travel? Supporting loved ones? Contributing to a cause you care about? Defining your “why” behind money goals gives them purpose and fuels your motivation.

Step 3: Mindful Spending, Not Deprivation:

Forget restrictive budgets and boring deprivation diets. Focus on mindful spending, being present with each purchase and asking yourself: “Does this align with my values and goals?” This shift in thinking empowers you to make conscious choices, not impulsive ones. Remember, true wealth isn’t just about what you have, but how you spend it.

Step 4: Gratitude is Your Golden Key:

Gratitude isn’t just a feel-good buzzword; it’s a powerful financial tool. Taking time to appreciate what you already have, even if it’s small, shifts your focus from lack to abundance. This opens you up to new opportunities and fosters a positive relationship with your finances.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Money Wins:

Just like you celebrate reaching your fitness goals, celebrate your financial milestones! Did you land a raise? Pay off a debt? Save for that dream vacation? Give yourself a high five, treat yourself to something special (within reason!), and reinforce the positive association with financial success.

Secret 5: Level Up Your Life – The ROI of Investing in Yourself!

So you’re learning the micro-savings, crushing automation, and saying “no” to debt like a pro. Good! But here’s the secret salt you might be missing: investing in yourself. That’s right, forget shiny stocks and crypto (atleast for now); we’re talking about boosting up your skills, knowledge, and overall health. Trust me, the returns on this investment are jaw dropping, and they ripple onto your finance journey in ways you never think of.

Step 1: Knowledge is Power, So Pump Up!

Think of your brain as your own personal financial philosophy. The more you fill it with valuable skills and knowledge, the stronger and more resilient it becomes. Take online courses, attend workshops, devour inspiring books (like this one blog post). Invest in learning that aligns with your goals, personal interests, or anything that crave your curiosity. Keep in mind, knowledge is the key that reveals new opportunities and boosts your earning potential.

Step 2: Reveal Your Inner Health Rockstar:

A healthy body fuels a healthy brain and, believe it or not, a healthy bank account. Prioritize regular exercise, stress management practices, and nourishing food choices. Taking care of own isn’t just about feeling great; it increases your energy, stamina, and mental clarity, leading to insane decisions and higher productivity. Invest in a gym membership, meditation apps, or healthy meal prep services – your future version will thank you for it (with a fat wallet to boot!).

Step 3: Build Your Species, Find Your Coach:

No one climbs Mount Everest alone! Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who share your values and inspire you to be your best. Join online communities, find a financial coach, or connect with growth-mindset individuals in your local area. Sharing your journey, learning from others’ experiences, and having a cheering group in your corner is precious than money. It keeps you motivated, provides new perspectives, and reminds you that you’re not alone on this finance journey.

Step 4: Embrace Continuous Growth:

The world is a dynamic land, and so should never stop self-improvement game. Take on new challenges, step outside your comfort couch, and explore new vibe of growth. Remember, investing in yourself is a lifelong journey, not a one-time sprint. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself, and trust me, that version is unstoppable on the path anything (even in your finance journey).

Secret 6: Time Flies, Money Grows: Mastering the Currency of Time on Your Finance Journey

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Just forget that giant swimming in a pool of gold coins – the real currency on your finance journey is time. Yep, that seems boring stuff you can’t hold in your hand but can make or break on your path to financial freedom. Mastering the concept of “time = money” isn’t some dusty financial theory; it’s a weapon that lets you bend time curvature to your financial advantage.

Step 1: Embrace the Compound Effect

Imagine that rice grain that multiply with each square on the chess board, on the last 64th square it become 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 rice grains (grasp!!). That’s the compound effect in action! Start investing and saving early, even if it’s just few cents. Over time, with the magic of compound interest, your rice or cents turn into a financial behemoth, proving that every penny saved today is a gold coin in your future.

Step 2: Prioritize Like a Pro

Remember that endless to-do list that taunts you every morning? Learn to prioritize ruthlessly. Identify the tasks that have the biggest impact on your financial goals and focus your energy there. Whether it’s upskilling for a promotion, negotiating a raise, or automating your investments, spend your time on activities that generate the highest financial return.

Step 3: Time = Money = Freedom

Think about the hours you spend stuck in a job you hate. Is that the best use of your precious time? Consider investing in skills and ventures that excite you and align with your passions. It might take time and effort, but building a career or side hustle you love can lead to greater financial rewards and freedom in the long run.

Step 4: Time Spent Wisely is Time Saved

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some seem to stretch them to mythical lengths. Optimize your time management through automation, delegation, and batching. Use technology to your advantage, outsource tasks that drain your energy, and group similar activities together for maximum efficiency. Every minute saved is a minute you can reinvest in your goals.

Step 5: Invest in Yourself, Not Just Your Time

Remember, your mind and body are the tools you use to navigate your finance journey. Invest in your health through exercise, meditation, and healthy habits. A sharp mind and a strong body make better financial decisions, leading to smarter investments and higher productivity. Take care of yourself; it’s the ultimate time-saving strategy.

Secret 7: Your Finance Fairy Godmothers? Find Your Money Tribe!

No man (or woman!) is an island, especially on the journey towards financial freedom. Sure, you can read endless blogs, crunch spreadsheets, and fight budget monsters alone, but let’s be real: having a rockstar support system makes this whole journey way more fun (and successful!). That’s where your finance tribe comes in – your chosen family of money-savvy wizards who inspire, support, and cheer you on every step of the way.

Step 1: Find Your People

The tribe doesn’t have to be blood-related or wear matching financial war paint (although that’s totally optional!). Look for like-minded individuals passionate about financial goals similar to yours. Online communities, local meetups, or even your social circle can be fertile ground for finding your kindred spirits. Remember, diversity is key! Different perspectives and experiences enrich your tribe and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Step 2: Share, Learn, Grow

The beauty of a tribe is open communication and mutual support. Don’t shy away from sharing your financial wins and woes – someone in the tribe has probably been there, done that, and bought the (financially responsible) T-shirt. Ask questions, offer advice, celebrate each other’s victories, and pick each other up when things get tough. Remember, knowledge is power, and shared knowledge is superpowers!

Step 3: Accountability Buddies, Not Judgement Judys

Forget judgmental money shamers! Your tribe should be your accountability squad, those awesome people who keep you on track and motivated. Set shared goals, hold each other accountable (with a healthy dose of encouragement, of course!), and celebrate milestones together. This shared journey adds a layer of fun and friendly competition, pushing you all towards financial success.

Step 4: Inspiration Station

The right tribe doesn’t just hold you accountable; it inspires you to reach for the financial stars. Surround yourself with people who are actively working towards their goals, crushing debt, making smart investments, and living life on their own terms. Their energy and success rub off, reminding you that anything is possible with dedication and support.

Step 5: Pay it Forward, Grow the Tribe

Remember, the world needs more financial rockstars! As your knowledge and confidence grow, share your insights, mentor others, and help them build their own tribes. The more we empower each other, the quicker we all reach financial freedom, creating a ripple effect of success that leaves no one behind.


Congratulations, now you have the seven secret ingredients to igniting your financial journey and transforming into a money-savvy superhero. Remember, this isn’t a one-time process it’s required consistently learning, and adaptation.

Use the power of micro-savings, let automation be your robot chef, and learn to say “nope” to debt like a boss. Rethink your relations with money, invest in yourself as the best asset, and master your time.

Don’t forget the magic of your finance tribe. Find your people, share your struggles and triumphs, and let their support fills up your ambition.

Always remember that 1+1 is not always 2 in this world is more than this. Together, you’ll not only reach your financial goals, but build a life filled with freedom, confidence, and the ability to chase your dreams.

The journey might get bumpy, but with the right tools, mindset, and a supportive tribe, your financial future is brighter than ever. Believe in yourself, embrace the secrets, and get ready to conquer your finance journey!

P.S. Don’t forget to share your progress and insights with your tribe! We’re all in this together, and your story might just inspire someone else to take the first step towards financial freedom. Let’s create a world where financial literacy is a superpower available to everyone!

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